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PostSubject: Lieutenant Tor   Lieutenant Tor EmptySat Mar 29, 2014 2:08 am

I hope this is acceptable.

Name: Tor (not his birth name, but a nickname. a shortened version of a Klingon word describing him as 'tough')

Rank: Lt.

Assignment: Life Sciences (Exo and Bio-Sciences), cultural archeology - Science Department

Race: Vulcan

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 200lbs.

Eye: Dark Brown

Hair: Cropped black straight hair as is common with Vulcan males; no facial hair, except for eyebrows

Personality and Appearance:

Lt. Tor has light skin complexion with a slight greenish tone. His general demeanor is stoic and aloof, but with an inquisitive nature towards anything newly encountered. He is very studious and hard working. He relishes new discoveries and first contacts.

A disturbing fact about him, is that he harbors a deep set resentment and general mistrust towards Klingons, to the point of being almost racist in nature. This stems from his unfortunate childhood experiences with the Klingon marauders. He understands and recognizes this character flaw and tries to suppress the flood of emotions and illogical thoughts that come from it. Mostly he is successful, but at times, to his embarrassment, he is not.

His physical build and appearance is like most Vulcan males. However, he is more bulkier and muscular than what is expected from a Vulcan. And, unlike most other Vulcans, he consumes a synthetic meat product that provides the extra proteins and minerals that help develop his physic more intensely than the average Vulcan. Though his physic may appeal to some, it does come with a price. Due to his high consumption of raw meats such as targ, when held in captivity by the Klingons for such a protracted time , he developed a genetic disposition, where his tastes and metabolism now requires it to be part of his diet. Even his food presents itself as a social embarrassment for other Vulcans. His IDIC training has taught him to forgo real meat and with the help of repicators he still can follow the ideal of Vulcan pacifism. His body does still show scars from his time in the pits.

He is a keen martial fighter from his Klingon training for pit fighting. Though his IDIC values prevent him from wantonly using his skills agin for violence, he does still practice at times out of habit and for the exercise. He firmly believes that both body and mind should be kept sharp to prevent any lapses when in need. He is proficient with a Bat'leth but prefers a Vulcan Lirpa. The Klingons, impressed with his skills called him "tar ghajbogh lung" or pit viper. He kept the his own shortened version as Tor. When finally rescued, he kept that name as his proper birth name could not be found and his Kalinahr ritual name was unsatisfactory.

The Dark Time as he refers to that period of his life on Beta XII-A,  with his Klingon masters  was one of extreme shame and mental anguish. His only hold to higher social norms, preventing him from sliding into complete barbarism, was his determination to leave the colony on day and explore the wonders that he knew existed out beyond the slave master's whip. He had spent most of his life since then in suppressing those experiences and concentrating his energies on his work.

He enjoys both physical and mental activities when resting between work assignments and especially enjoys the Earth game of soccer. He prefers open areas and suffers slightly from feelings of claustrophobiia if left alone in small, darkened, enclosed places; again this is due to his experiences with the Klingons putting him into an empty targ pit for days on end, isolated from any other means of contact. Upon his release from the pit, Tor would be reduced to near savage states of mind, deemed perfect by his task masters for their use of him for sport. He would be later pitted to fight either wild targs or other creatures brought in by Klingon supply ships for their amusment. If he is ever left in an isolated position for long periods of time, he may experience a mental breakdown or worse. Only through his training, was he able to barely overcome his fears, tenatively at best.

His stoic, logical mental armor is kinked only by his vulnerabilities from his time as a prisoner on Beta XII-A. Otherwise his telepathic abilities would rival that of those famous Vulcans such as T'Pau and Spock.


Tor was born almost fifty years ago to a Vulcan merchant. His family travelled together to various outposts in the Federation. However, during one of those trips, the ship his family was on was attacked by a renegade group of Klingon warriors. These warriors were a group who were loosely chartered by the Klingon High Council to attack and seize Federation supply lines in hopes of driving back Federation influences in the surrounding sectors by the Neutral Zone. They operated in an unofficial capacity.

Tor's father, mother and sister were killed in the initial attack. He and the other survivors were taken captive by the raiders and sent to their secret military colony on Beta XII-A near the Federation/Klingon border. The Federation never searched the Beta system as it was declared quarantined by the Federation due to the previous incident with an energy entity that tried to hijack the USS Enterprise under the command of Capt. James T. Kirk along with remnants of Kang's crew from his IKS battle cruiser. The Klingons were the first to discover that the entity did not re-appear on the planet and that it was a perfect system to contain a raiding military colony.

Life on the Klingon colony was cruel and primitive. While the Klingons would enjoy the trappings of their victims, their thralls would grovel for the leftovers. The captives, little more than slaves, were forced to live in squalor. Not many captives survived. To press their cruelty even further, they forced and encouraged Tor and many other surviving Vulcans to mentally revert to their natural base psyche by living in extreme primitive conditions. These emotionally charged psyches were normally suppressed through logic, but now were brought about by a condition called, Shal'tiar, where logic is abandoned for survivals sake. This condition is highly frowned upon in Vulcan society and can damage an individual's identity and ability to live with others.  The Klingons did this from feeding them raw meat and offal; to rewarding "good" behavior with simple minor comforts such as fire or extra rags for clothing; these conditions were to burn a resentment of Klingons in general deep into his mind.

After several years of captivity, he was freed from bondage by Federation forces when one of the raiding Klingon ships were tracked from a fresh attack to the colony by a Vulcan scout ship and those coordinates were relayed back to Starfleet.
After liberation, the scout ship claimed jurisdiction over the rescued Vulcans and promptly returned them back to Vulcan for re-integration into society. Initially called "Krenath", the Vulcan High Council had done everything they deemed necessary to correct the atrocities committed to their minds and bodies of those poor souls.

Some recovered fully, while others were not so complete in their transitions. Tor was one such individual. He was one of the longest surviving ones who were kept in captivity. He outlasted many, because of his ability to adapt so well to his base primitive side, that the t'kahr who were working to rehabilitate them were becoming nothing more than triage attendants, determining if an individual was worthy of recovery or not. Tor recognizing that if he did not conform, the t'kahr would essentially lock him away from general society. He would in essence be placed from one form of imprisonment to another.

So using his strength of will, he adjusted enough to be pronounced "dvel'nar" as title meaning "Vulcan by choice". An honorific bestowed upon those offworlders as equals among other Vulcans, but a stigmatic title to those of true Vulcan heritage. As it denotes something that made the Vulcan less than what he was before. His embracing of his base emotions for so many years; was his undoing. An individual who was in such a state of "Shal'tiar" can be lower in status than one of mixed breeding or "viltah". Thus, not leaving much for him on Vulcan, Tor joined Starfleet and spent his time honing his mental abilities and following the IDIC tenets closely.

His natural inquisitive nature tempered by his logic made him into an exemplary office that rose quickly to the rank of Lt. Commander. However, this was not long lived as he and another Starfleet officer, a Commander Geoff Harrison, physician and researcher on Starbase 12. Both were fascinated with the ill-effects of Pon'Farr and wished to find a "cure" for it. Harrison’s motivation was fame; while Tor's was more personal as he felt that such attachments would hinder his ability to learn and grow as a person.

Both Harrison and Tor were very fortunate as Tor was approaching his twenty first birthday; the onset of Pon'Farr was taking affect. Using a spare research medical lab, the both had developed what they thought was a potent form of treatment. It entailed a mixture of chemical/hormonal treatments and basic Vulcan mind discipline. As the initial study appeared promising, disaster approached. The treatments began to wane in effectiveness and predictably the inevitable happened. On Startdate 56342.5, exactly sixteen days into the experiment, something wrong happened.

Apparently, Lt. Cmdr. Tor's meditation had drained more from his strength than he had anticipated and the mentally exhausted Vulcan began to convulse. Seeing Tor in a critical state went to apply a dose of diphenylmethane to help calm him down. However, Tor's innate survivor reflexes mistook the move as a threat and Tor attacked Harrison, causing him to drop the hypo. Now with Tor’s hands around Harrison’s throat; Harrison was in his own struggle for life and death. Luckily a night watch nurse heard the commotion and entered the lab. Her quick thinking saved Harrison's life as she picked up the hypo and applied it to Tor. Harrison suffered a bruised tracheae and the nurse a dislocated shoulder as she was flung across the room after injecting Tor. The incident went to closed-door court proceedings. They ruled that the incident was accidental, but found both Harrison and Tor guilty of conducting an unsanctioned experiment on Starbase premises. They were both reprimanded and lowered two full field grades down. Harrison blamed Tor for ruining his career and never forgave him. The nurse ironically was found to have performed "Above and beyond" her call of duties and was promoted to Head Department nurse of exo-diseases on Starbase 12 with a full field grade increase.
After the Starbase 12 fiasco, Ens. Tor was assigned to two, one year missions increasing his skills in cultural archeology while working in local digs of Ancient Andorian imperial sites. Each tour was with a different ship.

First was with the USS Hood and had him discover that Andor had a sister moon at one time but was blown out of orbit from the ringed world and carried a colony of Andorians with it. Those Andorians eventually settled on another planet in the Andorian binary star system (Procyon A) after the moon was captured in retrograde orbit. The descendents briefly had flourished until a catastrophic tremor buried the main settlement.

The second tour was with the USS Memphis, an older Soyuz-class vessel that found that an ancient Tellarite colony had tried to establish itself in the Andor system and failed to take hold due to the harsh weather conditions and distance from the Tellarite home system.
Tor had received commendations on both missions from the respective ship captains and with recommendations from the Starfleet Archeology and Cultural Division, giving him a rank promotion up to Lieutenant. The government of Andor also presented a medal of Excellency to Lt. Tor for his efforts to further help the Andorians to relearn their ancient roots. This was a rare occurrence, given the old animosities between the two races.

Lt. Tor is now assigned to the USS Endeavor and hopes that this mission will fulfill the void he has in his soul. He hopes that new worlds and beings would be encountered and has high anticipations of this mission, much like the early explorer's from Earth's past.
As this will be the longest and furthest assignment into deep space, away from the core planets of the Federation. It will also be the furthest he will have ever physically gone since being a child travelling with his family those many years ago.
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I apologize for the typos and some sentence fragmentations; I tried to type and get the bio out as soon as possible before RPing started.
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Very well done. Approved.

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