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 Captain Cassidy Hardigan

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Captain Cassidy Hardigan
Captain Cassidy Hardigan

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Name: Cassidy Hardigan

Rank: Captain

Assignment: USS Endeavor; Captain

Race: Human/Vulcan hybrid

Age: 28

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black with highlights

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Background: Cassidy was born to a mother named Elena Hardigan who was a science officer in Starfleet. Assigned to the science vessel Centauri she encountered a Vulcan Commander named Barnock while on a joint training mission. The two developed a relationship, but his family disapproved. Later Cassidy's mother discovered she was pregnant and resigned her commission. Cassidy's mother returned home to San Francisco where her child was born. Cassidy grew up knowing little of her Vulcan heritage. Only her pointed ears which she hid beneath long hair hinted at her Vulcan birthright. At the age of sixteen her mother died in an accident and the authorities contacted her Father on Vulcan.

A willful child Cassidy had no desire to know the family who had disowned her mother because she was human. Barnock himself and his sister came to Earth to convince her to return to Vulcan with them. Finally she agreed and she eventually grew to love her Vulcan family though to them that was just a human emotion. Cassidy adapted and learned many Vulcan ways. She discovered that like them she had some telepathic abilities and could perform the Vulcan mind meld. She took an interest in Vulcan mysticism and her father had hopes she might join the ranks of the Vulcan mystics. But deep in her heart, like her mother she loved space.

At twenty years of age though her father was disappointed, she joined Starfleet and went to attend the Academy. Like her mother before her she became a Science Officer and her Vulcan logic and aptitude for equations aided her swiftly growing skill. After a particularly fine performance in a battle with the Romulans Cassidy was promoted to Commander. After receiving a number of commendations she was transferred to the USS Endeavor.

During an incident with the Borg Cassidy acted with great courage and was wounded. The ship's captain had been captured and assimilated along with other command staff. She managed to safeguard most of the rest of the crew. Upon seeing the Borg ship was about to go to WARP and head for a nearby colony she made the difficult decision to destroy it. Using tacheon beams along with conventional weapons she destroyed the Borg vessel though the Endeavor command staff died with them after a failed rescue attempt. She was devastated but Starfleet felt she had made the hard decision and conducted herself with distinction. Again she was commended and promoted- this time to captain.

Captain Cassidy Hardigan 2012-110
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Captain Cassidy Hardigan
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